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Huan safeguards your pet and turns your phone into an automatic pet finding machine! HOW HUAN WORKS * Use Huan Tags to protect your pets. The tags contain an advanced Bluetooth 5 chipset that is ultra-low energy, long range and lasts up to a year without having to change the battery. (It's even water-proof!) * Featuring cloud-enabled lost pet detection - constantly improving, never resting. Huan monitors your pets constantly, and will alert you immediately if your pet is detected away from home (or away from you), notifying you of your pets' exact location and providing directions. * Huan scans for other pets automatically, alerting owners if they are determined to be lost, enabling you to protect your neighbors' pets as well! * Your location (and your pets location) are always anonymous and hidden from other users, only visible to you. FEATURES * Pet Profile, including Pet Photo, Breed, Size, and special notes. * 'Lost Mode' - Mark your pet as 'Lost' to send an instant notification to your entire community. * Multiple owners per pet - Manage multiple owners using the Pet Profile page. * Community notifications - Alert local Huan users about Pet Friendly locations, local Hazards, crowds or places to avoid. * Automatic location updates by other Huan users - Watch your pet move around the map as they are out on their daily walk! * Owners' profile - your contact info can be shared and made available to other Huan users who find your pet. Text or call from within the app. CUSTOMER SUPPORT * Built in Customer Support - Use the 'Help' page to report issues or ask questions, and get answers. Our team will always respond. PREVENT HEARTBREAK * Protect your pets and your community. Get Huan!
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